Fees to Vendor

Tie the Knot Bridal has partnered with highly trained and experienced Seamstresses. Based upon the gown fitting requirements, the client’s schedule, their primary City residence, turn around time and Alteration Specialists’ availability, our Couture Team at Tie the Knot will refer each of our clients to the most appropriate professional that is most suited and the best match for our clients after considering all the criteria. Our Preferred Professionals apply a European style of couture alterations consisting of standard alteration tasks, typically required in fitting bridal gowns. Their sophisticated skills and talents transfer to quality workmanship in not only the basics, but in total resizing and restyling garments’ original structure and design. The Service of Assistance in securing Alteration Specialists to our “out of town” clients is extended as well. (All Pricing is factored per alteration task to garment and all payments are paid directly to chosen vendor for services rendered – No additional fees paid to Tie the Knot)

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